The Golden Temple is dazzling! Magnificent view of Harmandir

A magnificent view of India "Harmandir Sahib" is mysterious. Not only is it attracted to its godly appearance, but there are rare and unusual events.

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A shrine golden temple!

"Harmandir · Sahib" in Punjab, India is called Golden Temple in Japan. It has a conspicuous exterior appearance

"Harmandir · Sahib" reflected on the surface of the water is also beautiful.

By the way, Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world and there are about 30 million followers all over the world.

The golden temple in Evening is another different attraction!

"Harmandir · Sahib" shows different scenery in day and night as well. The sunset time in the evening is striking at the contrast between the golden temple and the orange sky.

"Harmandir · Sahib" at night is lit up, so it looks shinier and emerges in the dark night. Whenever you go, you can see a magnificent view,

In "Harmandir · Sahib", is somehow the world's largest free dining hall. It is very unusual for me to serve meals for free. It may be India that is full of mercy heart.

The amount of meals that will be offered for free will amount to 100,000 meals per day. You will feel the integrity of the Sikhs from attitudes they take the initiative to give to others, and from a single-minded work for someone else.

An opportunity to touch Indian culture!

How was it? In "Harmandir · Sahib", you can enjoy not only the magnificent scenery but also the religion, while you can feel the real pleasure of traveling abroad.

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