Super excellent lips, cheeks and selections for makeup

A little left to leave this year! Many cosmetics were sold this year and it became a hot topic. Especially, lip makeup & cheek makeup is an important

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End Result After Makeup


his time, I will introduce the lip & cheek cosmetics which became a hot topic in the second half of 2016.

You can be a season face with this one ♡

Makeup of lip and cheek which becomes an important point for directing make-up trend feeling. "Tint", "Contouring Make up" and "Grape", which became popular from abroad, were also make-up trends popular this year.


I can become a season face with this one! I will introduce the lip & cheek cosmetics which became a hot topic in the second half of 2016.


Rouge Dior / Dior

Dior's new lip with color persistence

A rich variety of colors and a popular Dior's new lip with color persistence and coloring lasting 16 hours. You can choose from two textures of matte and satin, so you can use it at work or at private, and enjoy seasonal lip makeup.


Mesmeric wet lip oil


Volume Up Gloss

A rich variety of lip cosmetics is popular can make. Volume Up Lady Gloss will make your lips plump and sexy while preventing vertical wrinkles and dryness you care about.


Lip crayon


Lip crayon became very popular as a firefighter of' Vivid color makeup' which was popular this year. The shops that sold out with good coloring and ease of crayon-type lip coat, cute appearance is going to continue.


Cheek's Selection

Epic Mini Dash / THREE


Foggy Cheeks


Lip & Cream / KATE


CC Series Kate

The newly released lip & cheek cream from Kate's popular "CC series" is a versatile item that can be used for both lip and cheeks.

Done now

Final Touch with a perfume!

And ready to go..

That's it in this section where we covered lips and cheeks

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