Diet at home. Instagram top 3 girls to follow for exercise

Why do not you use the Instagram to make your diet successful at home? I will introduce the accounts recommended for women who want to lose weight.

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End Result we will be achieving

I want to lose weight but I can not afford to go to the gym!

I can not afford time and money. I want to lose weight early, but do not you feel like you can not afford to go to the gym?

Let's model a diet plan using Instagram accounts

The best thing to do is to follow the topic fitness accounts and beauty accounts on the Instagram.

It is very helpful to take exercise casually at home and increase motivation.

So we will introduce five recommended instructors for each purpose this time. Please check it out.

1. Emily Skye - @emilyskyefit

If you like to move your body from day to day, check out the account of Emily Skye, a global ambassador of Reebok and a beautifully tight body.

2. Amanda Bisk - @amandabisk

Amanda Bisk's exercise method showing wide success and was featured at H & M magazine and sales of her own program is a strong side of a woman who wants to lose weight in a short period of time.

The method of exercises are narrowed down by purpose of being able to manage it every day. Also, her account has a lot of videos, so it is a good point to always find exercises that fit me.

3. Cassey Ho - @blogilates

Exercise will not last unless it is fun! For such you, Cassey Ho 's very popular account as account is recommended.

or if you have a partner who wants to loose weight together

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