Feel the 8 cm heel of PELLICO right now! Heels won't hurt

High heels that are tiring for the sake of being beautiful. PELLICO's shoes can be said to be just destiny shoes.

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It gives a satisfying fit and sense of stability according to the shape of various feet, that is the characteristic of PELLICO.

I asked staff of PELLICO a few questions I had before buying.

Italian famous shoes brand PELLICO.
Sophisticated beautiful unique design, born Italy and abundant coloring.
And what's great is the high functionality.

PELLICO's shoes are decorated like jewels in the store full of luxury based on white and bronze.

The reason why the heel hurts while walking is that the shoe's width does not match the foot's width in most cases and if you continue to wear shoes that do not match the width of the instep, it will cause your foot to hurt.

It is important that the fit of the foot and the heel is what really matches the foot.

PELLICO 's shoes are designed to have a slightly wider instep, giving it stability in the heel.

8cm heel is recommended for everyday use in classic.

Let's wear it in every scene from formal to casual, let's get the standard that you can love for years or decades.

Introducing selling items in the Store

Classic patent pumps

Patent V cut pumps Black

Suede pumps with modest elegance

Sweat material pumps that can be used throughout the year. Suede uses goat leather, it is very soft and comfortable to wear. Suede material is recommended if you are not good at hard shoes!

Suede pumps Rose

If you like a classical tastelLet's choose suede material without hesitation.

Open toe pumps with a surge in popularity for the summer

Open Toe Pumps

Main is Suede combination material. Overall, although it is calm impression, this line which used different material shining casually at the top is a trend item that makes you feel classic

Online Shop Links for PELLICO

Pellico, italian shoes brand and woman's accessories

Pellico, italian shoes brand and woman's accessories


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