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Finding the cultural value of south Korea. Korea fashion trends among women over years from 1960 to 2017

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Amazing Red Dresses worn by Stars

The Sexiest Red Dresses the Stars have ever Worn. The red color is one of the strongest colors among others. Collection of red dresses around world.

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How to choose "best sunglasses" for girls

Are you looking for sunglasses, we cover sunglasses that can brighten your face and UV protection. Sunglasses for women.

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Lifestyle which raises the metabolism!

The energy that is consumed without basic exercise is basal metabolism. I will talk about few points and methods that will give you basic metabolism.

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Variations of colored contact lenses!

Maybe you sometimes wanna change your feelings by changing eye color, Check this to see the variations of cosmetic contact lenses!!

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3 Hair Coloring Methods based on dress, skin & eye color

Here to discuss about coloring of hair in trend and the colors to be used for different dresses/skin tone/color of eyes.

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Elegant women are different! How to appear Elegant in 5 Ways

How to be an elegant woman? Five simple ways to raise up your elegance that you can easily do daily life.(With Pictures)

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Women's new perfumes and fragrances this summer 2017

Fall winter Cosmetics are on sale one after another this year. This time, we introduce the fascinating fragrances.

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"I will not work hard" on hair! Quickly get cute hair

If you put too much fuss into hair and makeup, it becomes outdated soon. Now I try not to look attractive!!

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How to create the perfect winged eyeliner

This video is all about creating the classic winged eyeliner look in three simple steps. Do watch and let me know whether the technique worked for you

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Liquid Eyeliners & how to use liquid eyeliners for beginners

If you use a liquid eyeliner, your eyes will become more cute. We will show you how to use liquid eyeliner & recommended tutorials.

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Great collection of Indian Wedding Dresses and Ideas

Putting together a collection of Indian wedding dresses and ideas for brides and girls. Indian wedding dresses photos and latest wedding dress trend.

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Don't make excuses! Enchanting body with 5 mins of training

I will introduce a muscle train menu for full-body tightening evenly in 5 minutes. It's 5 minutes in the evening, that should be easy to do.

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Feel the 8 cm heel of PELLICO right now! Heels won't hurt

High heels that are tiring for the sake of being beautiful. PELLICO's shoes can be said to be just destiny shoes.

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Diet at home. Instagram top 3 girls to follow for exercise

Why do not you use the Instagram to make your diet successful at home? I will introduce the accounts recommended for women who want to lose weight.

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Super excellent lips, cheeks and selections for makeup

A little left to leave this year! Many cosmetics were sold this year and it became a hot topic. Especially, lip makeup & cheek makeup is an important

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These Hair styles that go well with saree!!

Have you ever struggled with your hairstyle when you happen to wear saree? Here's ideas for those of you!!

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The big dial watch trending fashion secrets - VocWatches

Vocwatches are simple with sophisticated design. A perfect gift on Christmas or Valentine's day. Big dial fashion is trending on Instagram and blogs.

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100 Cute clavicle tattoo designs and tattoo quotes for girls

Collar bone tattoo designs. This elegant cursive font collar bone tattoos for girls.

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TOMATO DIET~eating extra tomatoes will help you lose weight!

Did you know that tomatoes can help you losing weight and antiaging? Not only having benefits for your health, but also having much benefits for your beauty! Just to eat more tomatoes... how easy is this!!