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Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Hiring wedding organizers will impart proficiency to your budgeting and scheduling along with precision in details. They’ll be the savvy negotiators doing the work for you saving you up on a lot of time.

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List of DNS prefech Servers

Font-Awesome | Google Ads | Google Analytics dns prefetch servers with <link rel examples. <link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//">

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Why you should never send any items to India, Indian Customs

Startups to India, Swachh Bharat and easy to send items from overseas seem just a scam. Read about why you should never send any items to India.

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Javascript & Jquery plugins for loading images for website

Browse some of the best javascript plugins for your website. Some of the top plugins taken from unheap collection for loading images

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Apache2 is running but Connection Refused - Ubuntu 16.0

Freshly installed Apache2 is running. Able to ssh root@IP_ADDRESS. Apache dir settings are fine. but still the browser is saying connection refused.

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Optimize Image for Google Page Insight a single Command|PHP

How to Optimize Image for Google Page Insight a single Command in PHP and get an optimized site and high ratings

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This is how lollipops are made

The mind of the designer and engineer that created that device though, pretty damn cool and Stupid Smart.

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How to Export SQL Visual Diagram & Relations: Mac Sequel Pro

Steps to show how to export a sql visual diagram, with foreign key relations and data structure on mac using Sequel Pro app, into png, svg format.

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Protecting yourself against Equifax Hack: CheckList | 2017

A must checklist that you need to do in order to protect yourself and your family from the equifax hack 2017.

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Type Declarations in PHP 7 | return

Type declarations simply means specifying which type of variable is being set instead of allowing PHP to set this automatically

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How to Install npm on Mac | brew install node

Simple and easy to install npm on Mac if you have brew already installed on mac

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Corsi e lezioni di violino a Milano con Kristina Mirkovic


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Pinterest Search Api (Unofficial) - PHP.

Search Images and Pins from Pinterest using curl and PHP function. This is for Education purposes only

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Wish someone listen to you carefully when you speak? OR Are you a bad listener? Then this article is for you only.

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Collection of Cute and Beautiful World Ethnic Clothes (Asia)

Wooo there are many cute & beautiful ethnic clothes!!

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List of Metaphors with their Meanings

Easy to understand metaphors with their detailed meanings for beginners. Should I or Should I not use Metaphors in Daily life?

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BBC planet earth 2 final - Mumbai

BBC planet earth 2 final episode called cities. Unbelievable to see such a hunt sequence right in the middle of Mumbai.

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Artificial Intelligence, ban or atleast establish A.I. ethic board

Artificial Intelligence in short AI, has made advances in last 1 year alone. Experiments that weren't possible before with traditional computing are now made possible with AI. Should there be a rule on using AI?


Optimize Image for Google Page Insight a single Command|PHP How to Optimize Image for Google Page Insight a single Command in PHP and get an optimized site and high ratings
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