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Abijit Ganguly and Kapil Sharma on stealing content

Stand-up comedian Abijit Ganguly on finding out that Kapil Sharma and his team has been stealing content from standup comedians.

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Aamir Khan fat to fit. Before and after dangal pics.

Aamir went from 97 kgs to a six pack for movie dangal. Here we show the fifty fifty transformation of Aamir khan body from fat to fit.

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Top 10 instagram posts of the year!

Top 10 instagram posts of 2016 was announced by instagram. Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo occupied the first places!!

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Can you pay $3 million for bra...? Matome of "Fantasy Bras"

One of the most famous underwear brand 'Victoria's Secret' announces super luxury bra(bras) every year and this year's bra is $3million!!

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History of Brangelina

What happened to one of the biggest Hollywood couple?