Becoming a Writer

  1. Be Credited as Author for your articles
  2. Gain Exposure, get more traffic to your social accounts
  3. Extra Cash (earn from our incentives program, register to get started)

What is "Matome"?

A service that you can freely combine, store, introduce any information that you found on the Internet into a union of one page.

Matome means Summary. "Summary" consists of two main elements:

  1. A Title (the subject of the information you want to summarize)
  2. Item (content registered in the summary)

We use these two elements as a set, and summarize and organize information that is helpful or useful for someone as "reference". In MATOME India, we make this "summary" by user participation.

Components in a Good Summary

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. 4 Images (or more) that tells about article
  4. Headings
  5. Text (not too short, also not too long to read)
  6. Links/Tweets/Youtube etc.. supporting your summary

What can I summarize about

  • Anything from your hobby to a gist of information that people find useful and trustworthy

How to Write

How to Use Matome India Editor