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Must know Google Maps Tips and Cheats

Ever wondered how to find your way to destination quickly and smartly. Know more here in the summaries embeded..

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Prison Break Season 5 - First 5 minutes of resurrection !!

Follow the links and get sneak peek into first 5 minutes of Season 5

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God of cricket is back ! Yes, that's Sachin

Mumbai Indians is going to felicitate its 3 legendary erstwhile team players - including Sachin Tendulkar. Watch out on April 10 !!

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The Killing Joke - Origin of Joker

All know how Bruce became the Batman but ever wondered the circumstances that led a lab technician to become Joker, with sanity in his own sense

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Sensing vs Intuitive

Ever introspected on yourself, including what you speak, hear, collect, recognize? The theory of S or I as personality type would come handy to you.

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Prison Break Returns with S6

With Prison Break all set to be back with its new season, Michael Scofield can apprehend its thunderstorm being stolen from Walter White's return