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List of DNS prefech Servers

Font-Awesome | Google Ads | Google Analytics dns prefetch servers with <link rel examples. <link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//www.google-analytics.com">

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Thanda Thanda Pani - Baba Sehgal copied from Vanilla Ice

Famous song by Baba Sehgal - Thanda Thanda Paani copied from Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby. Have a look at the copied similarities between two!

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Quiz: Shah Rukh Khan's the most searched questions on google

Play Shah Rukh Khan's the most searched questions on google and broke many myths surrounding himself.

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Richest People in the World | 2017 Ranking

1. Jeff Bezos, 2. Bill Gates, 3. Amancio Ortega, 4. Warren Buffett, 5. Mark Zuckerberg, 6. Carlos Slim Helu, 7. Larry Ellison, 8. Michael Bloomberg

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Japan Based Coincheck, Crypto Hack Loss NEM of $400 million

One of Japan’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges said that about $400 million in NEM tokens were lost after the coins were sent “illicitly” outside..

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Sunny Leone Quiz 2018, Unknown facts about Sunny Leone

Latest Sunny Leone Quiz questions and answers. Sunny Leone is a Canadian actress, businesswoman, model & pornographic actress. Play online Sunny Leone

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T Ara Collection of Pics and Performances

T-ara is a South Korean girl group formed in 2009. Their most well-known lineup featured Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin & Jiyeon

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Why you should never send any items to India, Indian Customs

Startups to India, Swachh Bharat and easy to send items from overseas seem just a scam. Read about why you should never send any items to India.

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No Title

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Websites to watch free movies online

Watch movies online for free without register, no download, fast stream, HD Quality. Very simple way to enjoy movies online, you can watch.

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No Title

No Summary

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Criteo stock curved like criteo’s logo

Criteo’s stock plummeted nearly 27% midday Thursday, as the ad tech company revised its Q4 business outlook in the wake of Apple’s latest iOS browser

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Free Images Search API - Matome India

We provide a free API with unlimited use to access our database for images and articles search.

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Apache2 is running but Connection Refused - Ubuntu 16.0

Freshly installed Apache2 is running. Able to ssh root@IP_ADDRESS. Apache dir settings are fine. but still the browser is saying connection refused.

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*HUGE* security issue at MacOS High Sierra

You can access it via System Preferences>Users & Groups>Click the lock to make changes. Then use "root" with no password. And try it for several times

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Optimize Image for Google Page Insight a single Command|PHP

How to Optimize Image for Google Page Insight a single Command in PHP and get an optimized site and high ratings

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Shola Shola - London Dreams (2009) Copied from Sorry Sorry

Shola Shola - song from London Dreams, melody copied from Super Junior's Sorry Sorry

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Joey doesn’t share food

Joey doesn’t share food.

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Soni de Nakhare copied from Pump up the Jam

The remake of hitch, Partner’s song is copied from the famous old melody of Pump up the Jam

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This is how lollipops are made

The mind of the designer and engineer that created that device though, pretty damn cool and Stupid Smart.