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2 days trip to Bangkok

I just had awesome experiences in a 2-day trip to Thailand... ♡ And you know what, the budget was only 5000THB($160 approx)!!

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Tips to protect yourself from mosquitoes

For those of you who wish to escape from the nightmare of mosquitoes...

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Places to visit in Singapore. Visiting places in Singapore

I collected some attracrtive places for travelers in Singapore. If you have other recommeded spots, plz give me comments!!

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Sweetest instagram accounts..♥

Ladies and gentlemen it's the season of valentine's day!! So I gathered instagram accounts which post amazing sweets pictures;)

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Color has power..? Let's change your life with color!!

Which is your favorite color? In fact, it is said that there is an intimate relationship between color and personality!!

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How to choose "best sunglasses" for girls

Are you looking for sunglasses, we cover sunglasses that can brighten your face and UV protection. Sunglasses for women.

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"8 customs" practiced by loved women

A woman who has vitality and is lively, is comfortable just by being with her. It is characterized by easy trust in work.

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Lifestyle which raises the metabolism!

The energy that is consumed without basic exercise is basal metabolism. I will talk about few points and methods that will give you basic metabolism.

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Collection of Cute and Beautiful World Ethnic Clothes (Asia)

Wooo there are many cute & beautiful ethnic clothes!!

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Variations of colored contact lenses!

Maybe you sometimes wanna change your feelings by changing eye color, Check this to see the variations of cosmetic contact lenses!!

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36billion rupees for the world's tallest statue..?

Do you agree with the construction of Chhatrapati Shivaji's statue which will cost 36 billion rupees($530 million)??

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These Hair styles that go well with saree!!

Have you ever struggled with your hairstyle when you happen to wear saree? Here's ideas for those of you!!

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Katrina Kaif's fashion (formal ver.)

Matome of Katrina Kaif's fashion. (formal version this time!)

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The World's No.1 Hotel is in India!!

"Top 25 Hotels in the World" 2016 was announced by Tripadvisor, and no.1 hotel is in India!! Here's the list of top 10 hotels in the world in 2016!!

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Disney Resorts in the world

For now, there are 6 Disney resort in the world. Here's the list of them!! Check this list and plan trips to the "land of dreams"♡

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Top 10 instagram posts of the year!

Top 10 instagram posts of 2016 was announced by instagram. Selena Gomez and Cristiano Ronaldo occupied the first places!!

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Can you pay $3 million for bra...? Matome of "Fantasy Bras"

One of the most famous underwear brand 'Victoria's Secret' announces super luxury bra(bras) every year and this year's bra is $3million!!

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Newest final fantasy-final fantasy XV

Now Final Fantasy 15 is here everyone!!

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Matome Sample (what is matome?)

Everyone is welcomed to write MATOME articles ...but what is "matome"? Here's the sample of matome.

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TOMATO DIET~eating extra tomatoes will help you lose weight!

Did you know that tomatoes can help you losing weight and antiaging? Not only having benefits for your health, but also having much benefits for your beauty! Just to eat more tomatoes... how easy is this!!